Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Escape

To my regular readers, Five Favorite Front-Page Features will appear tomorrow as it makes perfect sense with the letter "F".  So today being E...I thought of many many words that I could do--from English to Elvis to Emma (the book) to energy and excitement etc. But I have finally decided on escape because it is late and I'm getting this in under the wire--it is tomorrow in like 30 min.

I am calling it escape because that is Provo, Utah to me now.  For those of you just meeting me, I live in rural Utah in a little town called Roosevelt.  It is very limited shopping and things to do little and everyone knows everyone and everyone's business--kind of.  It helps that everyone is related to each other. So when I need big city time and pretty much anything that "normal" people would do I go to Provo.  It is my escape.  When I first started at my job and trying to adjust to the rural life I lived for my Provo weekends.I could just feel the stress leave and I use to be able to tell in my body when I was almost back to Roosevelt because all of the stress comes back.

Now that I have been out in Roosevelt for about 3 years, it is not such a profound feeling going home but it still is driving in. I love "my mountains" and the hustle and bustle--though I still don't like driving in it.  And honestly I don't want to move out of Roosevelt as much as I use to--the little town has really grown on me. And I think part of it is that I do have this escape.

Do you have a place to escape to that lets you really let go of everything?


Teresa Cypher said...

Glad that you have Provo. Everyone needs someplace to escape. :-)

I'm not much of a city person, but I understand the feeling of escaping. :-) There are a couple of places I like to go to escape. There's a favorite hilltop, and there's the rails to trails.

A serious escape--which only happens a couple of times a decade, involves a seashore. :-)

Connie Gruning said...

I would love to have a hideaway. I live in southern California all I have is noise.
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Kimberly Hawks said...

Teresa--Sometimes it is just a little thing like a hilltop that's great! Connie--All the noise is def what we need an escape from!