Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Doctor's Appointment

So, today was my next doctor's appointment.  If you are new to reading/want to get caught up go back here and here  but after all that my internalist sent me to a gynecologist in Provo.  It took me a few weeks to get in, so today was the day.  It was the worst doctors appointment ever!  If you live in Utah or ever do, never ever go to the Utah Valley Women's Clinic.  I was suppose to see one doctor, who looked great with her resume.  However, she was apparently "busy" and a different doctor came in instead. This doctor apparently is a surgeon or assists with surgeries because she told me that she needed to hurry off to a surgery the minute she sat down.

This is where it gets interesting....I told my story which is a bit long considering it has been a month and a half.  But the most annoying thing was is that I felt like I was an inconvenience to her as I told her my story. She had really poor body language to some of the things that I what is wrong with you to even think that?! She didn't even seem to be listening at some points.  After the most painful exam ever, in which she didn't tell me what she was looking for, she decided that I had some sort of infection. Never told me the name of it, and sent prescriptions to my pharmacy.  Never told me the medications, and never asked if I had any questions.  The only reason I know anything about these medications is because I have a great pharmacist.

Looking back on the day...I really wish I had fought for the doctor I came for. And I had fought her to pay attention to take it from me--you REALLY need to stand up for yourself at the doctor even if you feel like you are in trouble for doing something wrong.

Ha Ha, yeah right!  


Paula said...

You need to send that Clinic a letter detailing exactly how you felt you were treated. Doctors should not be allowed to get away with crap like this. They expect to be paid and they should deliver the service that we pay for. I hope the medications help!!

Rowena said...

That sounds horrible! It is true that you need a good dentist and doctor, someone patient too! She sounds awful, I have had issues with the older female doctor at my surgery too, I prefer the younger doctors who seem keen and more patient. You should definitely complain :)