Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review: Angels and Demons

Angels & Demons
Title: Angels and Demons
Author: Dan Brown
Genre: Suspense/Drama
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why Did I Read? I recently got an MP3 copy of this book.  I have read it before, but I loved being able to listen to this on my drives around town and to and from the city.

Summary: This is the first book about Robert Langdon (despite what people might think). Robert is asked to come help investigate the murder of a brilliant scientist, who discovered antimatter.  This dove tails into a discovery that the Vatican is in trouble. He has to race against the clock to avoid the Vatican exploding from the anti-matter and try to save the four cardinals who could have become pope.  Yeah, there's a conclave going on at the same time!
What Did I Love: I love the suspense that Dan Brown creates for his readers.  He moves the story quickly and moves around the story line at a great pace! I also love the research he appears to do.  I don't know for sure, but he at least makes it sound credible.

What Did I Hate: I don't hate anything about the book to be honest....the 4.5 rating comes because it is not a 5 book--I haven't found one yet. My MP3 recording is by Simon and Schuster it is the abridged version which I didn't realize until I finished it and they told me! I hope they didn't cut out a lot, if they did I didn't notice. I don't remember who talked though but they did a really nice job so I recommend that recording if you don't mind abridgments.

I am currently reading The DaVinci Code and then will be reading The Lost Symbol again leading up to my first reading of Inferno.

Have you read Angels and Demons? Or any other Dan Brown books?  What are your thoughts?