Monday, June 17, 2013

Movie Review: Premium Rush

So this isn't one that has just come out, but an older one.  Premium Rush came out in 2012 and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He plays a bike messenger who is assigned a tricky delivery.  He doesn't know that the package he is carrying is worth a lot to many different people.  So everyone wants to have it.  And then there is the drama that life just creates all around him.

So what did I love?
  • They did a really nice job with the graphics 
  • I have a greater respect for people who live in New York City...seriously, I don't think I could live there!
  • Cute love story
  • Okay so lets be honest ladies, he is that doesn't hurt.
So what did I hate?
  • It really had NO plot line! There is enough of a plot line to call it a movie, but seriously this was not a very complex plot at all.
  • It is flashback, flashforward...and they give you the time that the scene is starting with and you have to pay attention!!
Bottom NOT pay for this movie.  Get it for free..we watched it off a cable movie channel..that we have for free for a couple of days.

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