Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top Posts for May

Today is the first day of June--can you believe that I am halfway through this 365 project?! I know I can't.  A lot has happened this month and stayed the same.  I am still in pain, though thankfully I am currently writing this from Provo where I will go see a doctor on Monday.  This month brought a new challenge that was great with a prompt everyday.  Sometimes the prompts were hard to do, but overall I really enjoyed the challenge.

The top posts for this month were:

3. Day 7: Things I'm Afraid of  This one was kind of short and sweet...happens when I've been tired but I love that people like those because I like writing them. Though this one started my Bout of Books goals so that makes sense too why it's so high.  Really shows that I should do more challenges!

2. Top Posts for April This one really doesn't surprise me because A to Z bloggers are awesome! Lots of people went around and looked at people's reflection posts--and yes though I am a bad fellow A to Z blogger I do hope to repent and get on linkys and go explore everyone's!

1. Day 9: One Moment  This had you choose a moment from the day to document with a photo and/or so happened to be a day I stayed home from work and went to the doctor.  So with my ongoing pain saga it doesn't surprise me that this one was up there.

So that was comes June.  My hopes for June are that I get better!  I also hope to get fully caught up at school (as fellow teachers good luck!) I definitely want to get more caught up than I am.  June will also bring boxes....but more on that later.  Blog wise, we are going back to the original formula of book reviews, weird ramblings, school stories, teacher ideas, knitting things etc.  But now that I've seen these challenge things and as I mentioned before I should really do more of these to get more people here, I will be keeping my eye out and maybe hop on one every once in a while.  Really is that cheating?!  Hope not!

Graduation day...which was actually April not really May but graduation days are usually in May

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