Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 31: Vivid Memory

Today is the last day of it is the last day of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I have enjoyed doing this challenge...I was glad to find out about it after A-Z Challenge because I was worried about coming up with my own posts again.  For June, I am going to try to go back to some of my own stuff.  However, on those days that I can't think of anything to write I might pop into some of the June challenges for inspiration.

Today's prompt is about a vivid memory.  And I am having a lot of trouble coming up with one. My husband suggested my scar story....but already did that for favorite childhood memory ....he also suggested the night he broke up with me.  That was a very painful night so I don't remember a lot of it enough to consider it a vivid memory---I blocked a lot of it. But that made me think that I could tell the story of how we met in general, because I don't think that's on here.

It was my sophomore year in college, and I actually had a different blog at the time.  It served more as a whiny journal (which might be why I don't want this one to become that).  I was able to track what fellow bloggers visited my site if they were logged in.  I saw an unknown log-in, but the profile picture looked familiar. He was in Provo, so I wondered if we had a class together.  After messaging a question to figure out how I knew him, I found out I actually didn't.  We did develop a relationship in the community and he let me know one time when he and his friends were going bowling that night. I vividly remember that night, meeting all of his friends (who I now know very well) and meeting Brian.  After bowling, we went out for ice cream at Leatherby's (our now favorite restaurant).

One of our engagement pictures
After that night, Brian and I became friends--I don't remember this, but Brian claims by my doing.  Shortly after that we started dating.....and that first day was a great vivid memory.