Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 30: Letting Go...

When I saw this prompt yesterday of writing about what comes to mind about letting go...I was a little bit of uh oh.  This challenge has really prompted me to open up a little bit more about myself on my blog (good for readers I hope?) but I shy away from making it super personal because who wants to read me whine everyday?  Which seriously, I could probably do for like ever!  But as I reminded myself today of the prompt and what I could write my mind went back to a conversation I had with co-workers today.

The past few days I have been realizing that last June was when my current professional life COMPLETELY changed.  To save company embarrassment and some good friends of mine's personal business all over this blog the reader's digest version is I lost a lot of good friends to work with, I increased my work load considerably (one job title to two then three).  I have had to learn to work with a boss that I do not get along with.  I have had to decide how invested I will be in my job (which as any teacher can attest to varies from day to day).  I have revamped a lot of how I teach, how I grade, and my relationship with students.  I have been apart of decisions in the company that I never thought that I would be apart of and some I wish I wasn't.  We have done our big social networking push this year and I have been glad to be apart of that. I just can't believe its been a year.

So bringing it around to letting go....over this year I have gotten less bitter about the causes of the changes and forgiven a lot of the root causes.  But I still miss certain people (and I hope they know who they are) on a regular basis.  One in particular often comes to mind when I don't know what decision to make--my brain does a WWCD? Sometimes I think I should just move on, still be friends, but let go of hoping to see them come around the corner.  But other days its nice to think that some day we will all work together again.  I love you guys!

I thought of the perfect picture for this post, but then I realized it is at school on a CD. So if I remember this picture will hopefully change

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Paula said...

Sounds like there is still a lot of pain. Letting go is very painful, isn't it?