Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 21: My Favorite Blog Posts

So...my blog is actually quite young--less than a year old.  Technically, it is only five months old since I started my 365 project at the beginning of this year...though it was "birthed" before that.  I have really enjoyed writing everyday...though sometimes it is hard to come up with what to write with.  The prompt today is your favorite blog posts...and as I was going through what I've written this year I have a lot of favorites for different reasons.

Sentimental Value
Of course my first blog post to start off the year
This book review got a comment from the author!

A to Z Challenge-- The hardest thing for me with this challenge was I didn't have a plan, I made the posts up as I went along.  These were my favorite posts because I was proud of my cleverness with relating the letter.
J is for Joel, Billy Joel--this one is a great lesson plan idea to "We Didn't Start the Fire"
Q is for Quite a Week--this one was written the week of the Boston Marathon...but that was the only tragedy that happened that week in history

Memorable Views--I know that page views aren't everything....but to me when I get in the 100s it is a huge deal!! And I didn't even know until I was going back into the archives! And I'm actually proud that these are the two that have the most views on my blog.....
Seed Stitch Blanket---my first blanket to be posted on this blog!
Inspired by a Quote with a Teaching Strategy--the funny thing to me with this is that I really just read the quote and thought of sharing this strategy....wow I love the response with all the reading!

P.S. To my newer readers, I do a recap every month of the highest viewed posts..so to see other archives click on the label "top posts of the month" below

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Su-sieee! Mac said...

Daily blogging is a great challenge. No doubt you can do it. :-)

Continuing onward with the A to Z challenge road trip. Peace and Joy.
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