Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 26: Critical Thinking v. Analytical Thinking

So today's prompt is actually a lot of what I have done on this blog before
Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.
So totally stole this from the article!
Because I do a lot with my LessonCloud about teaching....lesson plans, education policy etc.  You know where I find most of my articles that I read about is actually Twitter.  A lot of people retweet articles or tweet their own articles that they have written.  The key to a good article to tweet?  A good title! (Feel free to follow me on Twitter here)

This article is called Teaching Students to Dig Deeper (very catchy I think).  It actually turns out to be a blog post about this guy's book....which he actually convinces me that I should maybe look into buying it. He talks about how a lot of people mix up critical thinking with analytical thinking or give them the exact same definition. This article asserts that in order to "dig deep" or thinking critically....students have to do analyze it first.  Once they understand their subject then they can think critically about it.

My question for my fellow teachers...which is why this guy wants you to read his how do you give students the opportunity to follow these steps?  What real-world scenarios can we give them that they can solve and think critically about?

P.S. I really should update my tabs!

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