Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15: My Lot in Life

So I'm cheating today....the actual 15 prompt is about a day in the life with a prompt to do photos...hmm needed to know that before my day was over.  I'm really bad about planning ahead.  So....that will be tomorrow's post.  I will post tomorrow's prompt today instead.  Sound like a plan? Good because you don't get a choice :P So the prompt is:

Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it
Hmm....I feel like I have a lot of difficult things about my life right now.  I've talked a lot the past month about the mysterious pain in my abdomen that has prompted ER and doctor visits left and right--so I could talk about that.  I also have talked a lot this year about how being a teacher for me right now is really hard---so I could also talk about that. I could also just talk about how hard life is in general....but that seems so negative and rehashing old feelings and just having a poor pity me session.  So lets skip to the how I'm working to overcome both problems!

I am really trying to be patient and positive about everything.  I still have my last night just breaking down crying because I want the pain to go away.  But I am just trying to take every day as it comes.  Even though I don't feel 100% all the time I can put what I can where I can.  Even though work is really hard right now and being sick is just making it harder I can have a good attitude and do what I can each day. I have to constantly remind myself to not beat myself that it will get done when it gets grading mostly.  Though I have to say that with the house just gets done when it gets done.

Bout of BooksBout of Books Update 2:
Still trying to read.....yesterday was a spend time with the husband day so I didn't get as much in--but I'm definitely reading more than I would during weekdays which was the whole point!


Strong +1 said...

If one can put aside the negative, if only for a moment, then the positive comes shinning through. Good days and bad days add up to your positive, be above it all, and just be. Sometimes it is all we can do. Hang in, you'll make it.

Strong +1 said...

Oh, forgot to say "smile" and the pain is less.