Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: Uncomfortable Moments!

Today's May Challenge post is about uncomfortable moments.  I fully believe that awkward moments are only awkward if you make it that way.  Some moments are harder to not make awkward than others.  So I guess I should talk about one that is hard for me.

I am uncomfortable when I am not respected as a woman.  I know that I am an independent woman and that I have the power to do anything that I set my mind to.  I also will usually throw myself into what I do with my full heart and get very passionate about it. Sometimes this passion is blamed as being too feminine, too emotional, or too witchy (and maybe sometimes with a b).  So I get uncomfortable when I am told I am being too emotional about the situation. And it gets even more uncomfortable when I am the only woman in meetings and the only woman on the I am being singled out.

Do other women in the business world ever feel this way?


Paula said...

I have never felt that way. But I have found lately that all these years that I have thought I was a strong, independent woman is now being tested.

lacey edwards said...

It is hard sometimes to balance how emotional I can be as a woman and being "tough", me, I prefer tough. People don't like to see other people cry. Just a thought...