Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19: Favorite Blogs

So today's prompt
 Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them
So this reminded me a lot of Day 5's post....I love the two bloggers that I talked about there too.  Like Jenni mentioned in her post, I really bad about looking at other people's blogs.  I follow a lot of people and I have a general idea of what they talk about but sometimes I just don't take the time to really read.  I get behind! I also get tired at the end of the day from reading on my computer screen, so sometimes I have zero patience for reading more on my screen.  So I am going to count the two I already did toward my five and spotlight three more here.

Paula's Place--I have just recently gotten to know Paula.  We both did the A to Z Challenge in April and are now doing this Blog Everyday in May challenge together too.  Paula is always so good about commenting on my posts...she's awesome!

Little Moments-- I met Jessica on A to Z Challenge as well.  She has a sweet spirit, and being LDS and living in Utah like me I feel a certain kinship with her.

Avid Reader's Musings-- I met Melissa when she and Trish were doing a Vanity Fair Read-a-thon back in March I think.  Melissa has a great personality about her and I love reading her posts which are usually something to do with books!

Bout of Books Update from Day 6....yeah went to bed early--did a little bit of reading but still not very far in The DaVinci Code.  Hey, at least I'm trying right?

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