Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 28: A Picture of a Teacher

Being a teacher is to a certain extent my life.  As I woke up this morning in A LOT of pain, tears, and exhaustion...I pulled myself together and went to work. It ended up being an ok day with an opportunity to teach some students things about social studies and English.  So with today's prompt being a picture I went back to the Cedar Ridge Academy Facebook page (we would love it if you went and liked us :P) and found this picture.
Photo: Our teacher, Kimberly, was very brave! A.J. jumped off the ramp three times over her!
Yep...that's me on the ground!
We had an assembly a few months ago.  They talked about physics with skateboards and showed the kids a lot of things. They thought it was SO cool....but they needed audience participation.  He jumped over me without the board first, then just holding the board, and then actually on the board.  I wish we had a video of the last one...apparently I did an involuntary scream.  Yep this is what I end up doing as a teacher...and I love it!

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