Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Love Hate Relationship with Twitter Part 2

It's funny, but I wrote that title...and then I read it back.  I was like....hmm that sounds familiar.  I did a quick search on my blog and found this post that I did back on January.  I guess that was bound to happen at some point this year....I repeat myself and I don't even know it.

But today's topic is actually a little bit different.....my love-hate relationship this time is that I have gotten so out of Twitter.  I started my account, and I was retweeting like crazy, doing chats, and just keeping up with what was going on with everyone.  Now, all I do is tweet out these posts basically.  Part of my problem is the whole time thing---I have become distracted with other things.  But the other part of my problem was the fact that I was getting information overload! I love Twitter for the articles/ideas/etc. that I can get from it...that's the only reason that I see to use it--just sharing.  While sometimes the little "status updates" are great, they are not why I get on.

I have done a couple of different things to keep track of articles/ideas/etc....I pin a lot of stuff to Pinterest and I "favorite" stuff on Twitter with the hopes that I can see it again---though I have actually never gone looking.  But sometimes they don't have anything Pinterest will use to pin, and I have lost the actual Tweet somewhere, and then it stays open on my computer until I have to shut it down.  And that is so annoying...

So I am putting this out into the world....how do you deal with the Twitter information overload??

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