Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reflection on Resolutions

So today I have an interesting train of thought as I have been looking at different things on the Internet. I have become very aware of how quickly life has gone this year.  At the beginning of the year, I had a lot of great plans for the year.  The only plan that I have stuck with is this one, which shocks me.  Honestly, some of them are a little bit more important (like renewing my license which I totally am procrastinating!!). Some of them are probably a bit more I had lots of readings planned for myself--both academically, enjoyment wise, and spiritually.  I haven't even come close to doing what I had planned with that. This became apparent when I signed up for RoofBeam Reader's Austen in August.  UGH! It is almost August. I had planned to read all of the completed Austen novels this year (well at least the seven in my complete works book) and I have only read one!

But on the positive side...August will bring a great trip home to see my baby brother come home! I am so excited.  Hopefully by then I will feel like I have accomplished something...if nothing else I will be reading a little bit of Jane Austen! I hope to finish Pride and Prejudice (for the umpeth time) and Mansfield Park. Feel free to sign up too here.


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Roof Beam Reader said...

This year has flown by for me, too. I promised myself to spend this summer off from school reading a stack of books on the French Revolution. So far (4 weeks into break), I haven't read a single one.

BUT! Austen in August WILL be great fun, and I'm glad you're joining us! I have read all of Austen's works, including her unfinished works and her juvenilia, except for Emmma and Persuasion, which I have slated for the event. woo hoo!