Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is It All About the Hype?

So, today I found out about this book blogger hop. I love following other bloggers and then finding out about all these cool things because they participate.  I will have to look into this blog hop more often!

This hop is hosted by I will have to explore his site some more--he sounds like an interesting blogger. The point of the hop is to answer the question with a post. This week's question is: So would you read a book just because of the hype?

I have been known to become interested in a book because of the hype.  It will then end up on the list of books to read because of the hype.  I usually don't end up getting around to actually reading it until later after the hype has worn off.  But I did read all of the Harry Potter books--because of the hype..same with Twilight, and the Hunger Games.  I currently have The Help and The Perks of Being a Wallflower on the list of things to eventually read.  Sometimes I will read a book because a movie has come out on it--however I have this really big thing that I will read the book and then watch the movie. For example, because I haven't read The Help yet, I haven't seen the movie.  Might seem kind of strange....but movies ruin books for me--I have to do it in the right order :)


Angelica Joy said...

Totally agree with your sentiments, I too tend to have so many in my TBR that I don't get to the hyped books during the hype LOL

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Maria Behar said...

I, too, have read books because of the hype, although there are books I totally refuse to read, no matter how 'hyped up' they are. For example, I refuse to read "Fifty Shades of Grey", because I don't like erotica.

I totally agree with you regarding reading a book before seeing the movie based on it. If I were to see the movie first, it would spoil the book for me, too!

Great answer! Happy Reading!! : )

Ashley Nemer said...

So I saw The Help but haven't read the book yet. I liked the movie and don't want to ruin it because the book is usually better

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Elizabeth said...

GREAT answer.

Stop by if you care to see my answer.

Happy Hopping!!
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