Thursday, June 13, 2013

Places You Will Go!

So I am plum out of ideas about what to write about I looked to Paula's Place for inspiration.  Her prompt today is: "Someplace you'd like to move or visit".   I have lots of places that I would like to go visit.
  1. Washington D.C.
  2. Boston
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Palmyra, NY
  5. Kirtland, OH
  6. Mount Rushmore
  7. Italy
  8. France
  9. England
  10. Germany
  11. Switzerland
  12. Spain
  13. Vatican City
  14. Hawaii
  15. Nova Scotia
  16. Prince Edward Island
  17. Australia
  18. New Zealand
  19. South Africa
  20. Visit all the LDS temples in the lower 48
I could probably keeping going but I like the evenness of will be funny if I actually ever go to all of these places.  It sure sounds expensive for a girl who doesn't have a passport or a lot of time off and not a lot of money to spend on extra stuff like that. But I want to dot the world!
P.S. I am blogger famous!  I got a shout out on Trish's blog, go check it out! 


Paula said...

That is quite an awesome list. Thanks for hopping on the blogging challenge. Come back anytime

Sandy said...

Glad you joined the challenge. I'll met ya in Italy!
I Long for Italy