Sunday, June 2, 2013


So....Brian asked me, "What are you going to blog about today?" And as I have sat here thinking about it...I have been watching around me.  I am visiting family in Provo.  My niece and nephew are playing in front of me.  We had the opportunity to go to church with them and their mom today.  It was a great time to be together as a family.  And then they came over to grandpa and grandmom's house to have dinner and hang out with us.

My nephew and I have always had a special bond.  I happened to be living with my in-laws for a period of time when he was about six months old.  His mom was in school and so he spent time at grandmoms.  I took care of him a lot at that time because grandmom had just broken her elbows.  I loved spending that time with him. He would light up anytime I was around which was my favorite thing. I was the favorite aunt! Then I moved to Roosevelt, and he didn't understand why I wasn't there a lot anymore.  Brian was still around then with our car situation at the time, and he knew we went together and I was told that he would always look around for me when Brian came in the room. He was disappointed when I wasn't there.  When I started coming for visits more often, he seemed mad at me.  It took a while until he warmed back up to me.  However, the nice thing is that to this day we still have a great relationship.  He made me a get well card after I got sick. This weekend he has told me a lot about what has happened to him and it has been great to spend time with him.

I love spending time with family!
This photo is actually really kind of probably only one year after we moved to Roosevelt but it is seriously one of my favorites!


Brian Hawks said...

Still, to this day, whenever our nephew Evan sees me, he says "BRIAN!!!.... Where's Kimberly?!"

Paula said...

I love the picture!