Saturday, June 8, 2013

Proud Moment

Okay so today is one of those days in which I have zero idea what to write about...surprise surprise.  So I glanced at the June Blogging Challenge question that some of my blogger friends are answering today and it is a moment in which you were proud of yourself.  That would be college graduation for me because I graduated with honors.

At BYU graduating with honors is not just a GPA thing but it is a well-rounded education and participating in activities that you might not usually along with a thesis.  This thesis is not just a paper from another class but an original work that you researched, came up with etc.  Mine became quite the endeavor.  I ended up writing a 150 page thing.  It was insane!! My entire last semester that was all I really did along with student teaching.  Ended up pulling two all-nighters for this thing too.  I was very determined to get that medal around my neck for graduation and I was very proud when they put it around my neck!

You can kind of see it in this picture...but this is the nearest picture to me right now.

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Paula said...

A beautiful picture. And that is something to be really proud of!