Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Appropriate Sunday Challenge

So, this week I learned of a new challenge.  This challenge is unique in the fact that it is not blog based-but it is LDS based.  Deseret Book, an LDS bookseller and publisher, sponsors events throughout each year called Time Out for Women.  These events recognize that women are special and unique individuals that need the support and collaboration of other women.  I have never attended a Time Out event, but I did watch one online once.  It was a great experience, so I have ended up on their mailing list.

So in the middle of June I found out that they were having monthly challenges to help us improve our spirituality.  I didn't want to hop in that far into the month, but I was curious about July's challenge.  So this week, I got an e-mail announcing this challenge.  It is halfway through April and October conference---so this challenge encourages us to renew our commitment in General Conference.  We try to focus on and read a talk a day.  The challenge isn't just to read, but also to act on the talks.

This challenge sounded like a great way for me to re-center myself.  But I always do better when I have some accountability.  So I am announcing it to you.  I don't want to tell you everything that I am doing, and daily will be a bit much. I am thinking a weekly check in, maybe on Sundays.  But I signed up--so it starts today! Wish me luck. And if you would like to join or learn more, click here.

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