Thursday, July 18, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

So many people make a lot of decisions everyday.  Some decisions are small--like what to wear, what to eat for dinner, etc.  Other decisions are a little bit bigger: what to do with your day, what to say in a tough situation, etc. And then there's the big ones: buying a house, a car, getting a new job, etc.  It is interesting to thinking about how we make these decisions.  Sometimes it is really hard and agonizing to make the decision. You have to stretch and get out of your comfort zone.  Others just seem to make sense because they just fall into place.  That's my "favorite" kind of decision because it just makes sense.  But there is always the waiting game as you wait for the things out of your control like closing on the house or getting the offer on the job.

So what do you do to make these decisions?  I am personally a bit of a pros, cons person. But also a little bit of following my gut--does it just feel right?  If it feels right, then I am very likely to do it.  Some people find it funny but when I bought my new car--I had to see if it felt right to me....same thing with the house.  It is such a gut thing.

What unique things do you do?


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