Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Movie Adaptations of Books

Today's Top Ten Tuesday link up is all about movies that took our books and made them new....for good or ill so here is my list

Top 5 Best (for the record, I don't know if any movie will really replace a book)

1. The Pelican Brief--This actually is a pretty good adaptation, but I still like the book better.

2. The Notebook--Stays so close, and I felt like I was reading the book when I watched it!

3. Angels and Demons--Again like DaVinci code it follows it very well, I think even better than DaVinci

4. DaVinci Code--It actually follows it very well.

5. The Time Traveler's Wife--This was a great movie adaptation to a book. (though I highly recommend reading it first! I think it will help the movie make more sense)

Top 5 Worst

1. My Sister's Keeper--This movie made me SO mad!! They changed the ending!!!! Read the book then see the movie if you really want to.

2. Harry Potter #5--Holy crap I could barely recognize the book in the movie

3. The Count of Monte Cristo--I honestly I am not sure why I didn't like this movie....but it really didn't remind me of the book at all.

4. Bourne Identity, Supremacy etc.--I haven't read the books, just seen the movies--my husband has read the books and he has told me that all the movies stole was the basic premise--a spy named Jason Bourne that doesn't remember anything.  That's it! I have been meaning to read the books because apparently they are SO much better!

5. Twilight movies--They really aren't that bad, but the acting leaves something to be desired compared to the books.

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jen @ grown in southern ground said...

totally agree about my sister's keeper!!