Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Movie Review: The Terminal

So this is what I watched tonight...should have been grading but oh well! This movie came out in 2004 starring Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Stanley Tucci.  Seriously with that list of stars it will be a good movie.  And it was directed by Steven Spielberg! So now we're even more set.....and yes it was a great movie!

So summary....Tom Hanks plays a man from an Eastern European country. When he arrives in NYC, his passport is denied.  While he was in the air his country was overthrown and his country no longer existed.  He was literally a man without a country (reminds me of a certain current event right now).  So he waits until his country is recognized by the U.S. Where does he do this? In the airport.

What Did I Love?

  • The story line is awesome!
  • The writing was tremendous.  It was very witty--there were so many moments where I was laughing out loud.
  • The acting was great too!  Tom Hanks' accent is awesome and Stanley Tucci plays a great "bad guy"
What Did I Hate?
  • Umm....I can't think of anything!
Bottom Line: Buy it, find it, if you haven't seen it you need too!


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