Monday, July 29, 2013

Teaching....Harder Than It Looks

The picture from the article
Today I found an article called, "Why Teaching is Harder Than It Looks" and it was a great day for me to find this article.  I have been really struggling with my burn out at my current job....not just the teaching but everything around it.  This article really spoke to me...that my job is suppose to be hard---that I picked it knowing it was going to be hard.  Though I still maintain that no teacher really knows what they are getting themselves into until they get there. But this article really spoke to the fact that the outside world does not understand what it is like to be a teacher.

The author is a PhD. and she had decided to leave the laboratory work and become a teacher--first of that is awesome!! This is what more experts need to do! It takes such courage to do so and the students benefit from their experience in their field.  But this teacher had a wake up call to the lack of respect that teachers feel.  It is so true. We put our heart and soul into our job, and try to prove to everyone that we can do it.  She mentions that a lot of people try to tell her how to do her job--been there! She mentions how we try to quantify teaching so we know how people are doing....but you can't do that! So as school starts up again for a lot of people...go thank a teacher!  We work hard and could use that thank you.

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