Saturday, July 20, 2013

Importance of Records

I struggled today with what to write about…but I started to think about a conversation I was having with my grandmother today.  She was talking about her aunt…her mother’s sister. She had never had children so her stories and history died with her—unless someone in the family had kept something which no one knew for sure.  And then we were talking about another ancestor previous to that who had emigrated from Sweden to the United States and no one knew exactly why.  As much as I hate journal writing because I think I have a boring life, it is important for people later on.

I am very curious about how people lived before—hence the history buff in me.  I like to hear about the little stories of their childhoods, and how they lived before.  It makes you wish that you could talk to them and ask them questions---why did you do this or that? Or did it just make sense at the time?  Were you really in love with that widow or did you just marry her for her money?  We don’t know the thought processes of people that come before unless they write it down. 

So I guess that’s a good thing about my blogging this year—it is like keeping a journal, though I don’t always write about the daily things. However, I do write about what I think and what my thought processes are. And that is better than no record at all.


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