Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bloglovin' v. Feedly

So with my reflections post, I commented that I couldn't decide which one of these blog readers to use.  A wise fellow blogger mentioned that she had used one and then switched to the other and recommended that I give them both a shot--it wouldn't hurt anything. I had been meaning to all month--especially since I was a little worried about what blog posts I was missing with SO many that I follow now.  Like seriously, I have a ton of e-mails of blog posts to go through and my Google reading list on Blogger was getting so big.

So, yesterday I gave it a shot.  I created a Bloglovin' account and a Feedly account after looking at both and trying to get an idea what they would do for me.  I was actually not that pleased with Bloglovin'. It feels a lot like a social network site instead of a place to help me organize my blog reading and get information.  As I was creating my page, they were trying to get me to add specific people that they thought I might like.  So I wasn't too excited.  Also, I didn't feel like it was super explanatory with what functions did what.

After I got frustrated enough with Bloglovin', I switched over to Feedly to see what it was like.  I was a little bit cautious with all the extra stuff it seemed to have just like Bloglovin', but as I started to set it up it was SO helpful. I had a great checklist and explanations of what meant what.  I also knew exactly how to import my Google Reader stuff because they told me (Bloglovin' didn't tell me--just sent me to Google which didn't help). I also felt like I had a way to organize my stuff a lot better.  So the final verdict was Feedly.  We will see how it goes the next couple of days in terms of using it, but they are the ones I'm going to spend the most time with.  I am also excited about the Pinterest feature since I use that soo much for storage and bookmarking!  So the current vote is Feedly! 

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Paula said...

I first tried Bloglovin, then I switched to Feedly, and now I am with The Old Reader. I think The Old Reader is much like Google Reader but who knows....