Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

So I am hopping in again on Top Ten Tuesday...with the house closing last week I completely forgot about it!  I would like to make this a weekly thing....so this week's topic is why I will not read a book. However...there are very few things that I will never ever ever read....and a lot of things that I won't grab on my own.

So stuff that I will never read
  1. Horror--really don't like the whole scary thing
  2. Zombies...I don't even watch movies/TV shows based on this---I don't get the point
  3. Erotica....I will never ever read 50 Shades of Gray...despite what anyone says about how great it is
  4. Supernatural....i.e. demons, really creepy witches etc....though this does not include Harry Potter
Books that I will occasionally read...especially with recommendations
  1. Vampires...as the main pull...Twilight started this craze--so this is my exception
  2. Stephen King---see reason above; I have not read anything by him...however, 11/22/63 is on my list to read...so I will probably break that rule
  3. Autobiographies....like those one by famous celebrities...nope never--I have however read a few of celebrities that I care about....though I can actually only think of one
  4. Poetry...I read it strictly for school/academics.  I will NOT read poetry on my own (and yes I am an English teacher)
  5. Aliens....though I have read The Host and Ender's Game
  6.  Science fiction.....very rare for me--I will read the occasional but not on my own

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