Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Today I became a homeowner.  Eeek!! But we managed it....we figured out all the paperwork and got the keys tonight.  Brian is so excited to do the work on the house.  I am not excited to pack the boxes, but it will be nice to get all settled in the house.  After we got the keys tonight, I got my phone out to do a tour of the house for you.

***A minute later***

Well I was going to post those videos but I was watching them back and apparently it didn't record my great commentary....sad!! That was the best part.

***So a little while later***

Brian was like go back to the house and make a new video....so this is the second version.

I will do a little bit on the backyard tomorrow :) But we're pretty excited.

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Dinga said...

Yeah for first homes!!! Now that your stuck, should we tell you what you are REALLY in for??? Ha ha. We are excited for you!