Saturday, July 27, 2013

Book Review: Safe Haven

Title: Safe Haven
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: 4.5/5....seriously like one of my favoriteist books ever!!

Why Did I Read? I wanted to see the movie so I needed to read book first and I found it on audio!

Summary: A girl named Kate shows up in a small town with no relation to it at all and tries to stay off in the background.  We eventually find out that she is running away from a very abusive husband.  However, she is able to find some semblance of normal as she meets Alex and his two kids--Kristen and Josh.  Of course you can guess that Alex and Kate fall in love...but what about the husband? What is he going to do about all of this?

What Did I Love?  I loved the story...and I loved the premise.  It was not your typical Nicholas Sparks book and that is what I loved. It was beautifully written and I loved listening to it.  The narrator told it beautifully...though I wish I could remember her name! I love how she changed voices for the characters and how it is not abridged!

What Did I Hate? I didn't like the end twist with the best friend...I won't spoil it but seriously it was a little lame.

I want to see the movie..but on the other hand I really don't want the book to be ruined....anybody seen it?

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Hillary said...

Movie was very well done - obviously some things changed etc but I enjoyed it