Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pros and Cons of Getting Rid of Clothes

So I was thinking this morning about what to wear.  I felt like I didn't have any choices....and I probably needed to do laundry.  So pulled out a shirt I hadn't worn in a while.  I thought to myself, "This is a shirt that should really be in the box to be given away. But maybe I will wear it one more time."  I did...and while its not my favorite shirt it was very serviceable.  So here comes my pros and cons of keeping a shirt....

Argument to Get Rid of!
  1. More room in closet for new clothes
  2. Seriously, are you every going to wear it again?
  3. It really doesn't fit anymore
  4. Not in style anymore (but really I don't care about should that really count?!)
  5. Worn out....then they should be really just be thrown away I suppose
Argument to Keep!
  1. Wearing something new every once in a while
  2. Having something to wear on laundry days
  3. If it still fits then why spend more money on something new.
Hmm.....I guess I should get rid of most of my clothes....uh oh guess its time to go shopping!

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