Saturday, August 10, 2013

A New Recipe To Try: Teriayki Chicken with Vegetables

So as I have mentioned on here before, I absolutely love Pinterest!  However, I often pin things and then never use them.  I have been wanting to rectify this situation, and yesterday I actually started making progress on this by trying one of the many recipes that I pin all the time.  Maybe I will try to make this a regular thing on here :)

So the recipe was for Teriakyi Chicken with Vegetables. It looked simple enough--I like the low prep time.

Awesome About It:

  • Super healthy.  With my husband on Weight Watchers we keep track of this pretty close--I think with the rice this was like a 20-point meal which is a perfect dinner number for him.  
  • We loved the fresh I did not use organic veggies as the recipe calls for because I'm not like that and it was still good
  • The sauce was better than we thought--the honey seemed like it might not work but it was actually perfect
What To Change:
  • Don't need the reduced sodium soy sauce....regular soy sauce would probably have been fine.  The recipe really is just written by a health freak :P
  • Def double the sauce...not that it was dry, it just could have used more
  • Next time probably brown the chicken in its own skillet and do the veggies in a separate skillet--carrots first because they take longer and then add the broccoli...the carrots could have used more "on the skillet" time allowing them to caramelize 
Overall though I highly recommend....and we have lots of leftovers for later :)

Our leftovers...told you there was a lot :)

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