Saturday, August 31, 2013

Top Five Reasons to Go Home

So I was sitting here thinking about what to write about and I realized that I haven't written a lot about going to St. Louis yet. I mentioned that I was there and that I was packing etc. but I was busy enjoying it too much to write about it. So I am going to make a list the top five reasons why it is great to go home.

1. Seeing family!  This is reason number one because I have the best family :) And I got to see my brother come home!!

2. Not having to go to work.  It was great to have a break and a vacation.  I did have to do some work while I was gone, but it wasn't bad.

3. Being able to just sit around the house but still be busy.  My mom kept saying that everything was so busy, but it was busy in spurts.  Which was so true!! We would be busy doing something and then we would be done and have nothing to do until the next thing started.

4. Seeing old friends. Though with wanting to spend time with the family, I purposely did not let a lot of people know I was coming. However, I did see a lot of people at church and at a gathering to make it really nice to catch up with some familiar faces.

5. Sleeping in!! I got to sleep as late as I wanted to and it was great :)

Love vacations and visiting the fam :)

YAY for siblings :)

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