Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Making Blog Life Easy

So today's Top Ten is all about making your blog life easier....what tools/gadgets/etc. do you use?  I am not sure if I use ten...but I do use some so here it goes.

1. Hootsuite--If you have never used and you want more of a social network presence you NEED to!  You sync up all of your stuff (ie Facebook, Twitter) and post directly from there. I can do the same post to both with one click. I can schedule posts to go up at certain times. I can shrink links for Twitter, confirm my picture that shows up on Facebook etc.  It is awesome!!!

2. Scheduling on Blogger---I can write a post the day before and schedule it to post the next day.  So convenient when I know I won't have time to blog the next day---or at work when I write like three posts in a day so I can space them out a bit. (See our school blog here)

3. Fellow Bloggers--Doing this every day gets easier as I find other bloggers to read and participate in stuff with like Top Ten and Bout of Books!

4. Feedly---I am not using this to its full capacity yet, because I haven't organized everything into my lists--but I love having lists of topics for the blogs....all of my book friends together etc. so that I can see everything easily in one place :)

5. Pinterest!! OH my goodness don't know where I would be without the inspiration that I get from this site AND the ultimate list maker.  Seriously like I use to just bookmark stuff or try not to forget about what I saw...now I just save it to Pinterest and I know it will be there later when I want it.

6. Having "go to's"--When I finish a book or watch a new movie--instant blog post...each Friday I do something with current events...or if I'm out of ideas I can think about what I'm doing in school right now and talk about some techniques there.

Well I guess it only ended up being 6.....I have been trying to think of more with little success.  Happy Blogging everyone!!

Bout of Books Update for Day 1: Today I started Mansfield Park---jury is still out on whether I like it or not.  It took quite a bit of thinking to get all of my characters straight...I have a feeling this one might have the same problem as Sense and Sensibility.....too many characters.  I am at chapter 8....so I am still trying to have an open mind. I also did a bit of reading in To Kill a Mockingbird---lots of plane time switching between the Kindle and the actual book.  Feeling really successful about today!


Geraldine Lee said...

I've personally never used the scheduling on Blogger; I don't know how to use it! One time, I tried doing it, but my post never posted? I don't know what happened there, so I've never used the scheduling tool again. Better safe~

Kimberly Hawks said...

Geraldine--When people tell me that it didn't publish I wonder if they didn't tell it to. If you pick the scheduled time you still need to push publish just like if you were posting right now. You'll know it worked if it says "scheduled" on your blog list where it would usually say draft.

Geraldine Lee said...

Oh, so you click publish, and then it'll publish it for you on the said day and time... It makes so much more sense now, and I understand why you use it! Thanks so much for clarifying it for me; it'll be a lifesaver in the future!