Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Ten Tuesdays: Sequels of Books

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is about books that you wish had a sequel.  I have a cavat to give to this list before I do....and we'll see if I end up at 10...but I understand that authors are done writing about the characters.  There isn't more to tell in the story, there isn't more that is needed to say...but sometimes I wish there was more to the story!! I am sad to end the world with these characters...which is how they ended up on the list. So in any order, here they come.

1. Harry Potter...prequels or sequels--I was just hoping to have more about the characters.
2. The Host...some people stay away from Stephenie Meyer, but I loved this book and she has talked about a sequel, so I am patiently waiting for it.
3. Mockingjay....I want to know more because I did not like how it ended!
4. Downburst...this is a little known book by my friend Kate Robison (check it out on Goodreads) and she is working on a sequel...but I just can't wait!

Hmm...I guess that's all of them!  I wonder if I'll think of more later, and then add to this list!

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