Sunday, August 4, 2013

Make Scripture Study a Priority
As it is Sunday, I often try to do a spiritually based blog post.  I found out about this blog post and then this one via a friend. This blog post was entitled The Battle of the Brains, and the second post was a follow-up.  I wanted to respond to this post from Segullah.

The whole point of the post is that every time we see an image/learn something etc. we create a new neuropathway in our brain.  When we revisit that image/knowledge, we travel that path again.  To quote the blog post:
...when the brain is not currently occupied, we long for that image. That is why we constantly check our phones or email. That is why, when we have a free moment, we click onto a favorite blog, check facebook, and tweets, or any other source of input we frequent. Without realizing it, we have begun to crave these places of input, hunger for them, to the point where they can surreptitiously dominate our time.
So....the whole point of the post was that we should be reading our scriptures all the time! Because if we don't we won't be redoing those paths that often at all.  The post also pointed out that the impressions that we get need to be written down and then re-read again to see if there are patterns.

This surprised me....I do re-read what I write at some point but not that often to allow my brain to remember things.  The follow-up post is from a few months later, and Segullah shares stories about how she has learned about how to deal with challenges of life through going back and reading through her notes.  I definitely want/need to make my scripture study an important part of my life, and re-read what I write down so that I can learn what I need to learn!

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