Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Favorite Front-Page Features

 Donald Graham, the Post Co. chairman and chief executive
Today I thought that I would pick one headline from each weekday this week from the Washington Post since they were sold this week. Learn more about the sale in Monday's article.  This was an interesting article to read, because like everyone I was surprised by the sale.  But the sale will allow Post to explore and grow as they become a private company again, the Graham niece will stay on as publisher which is great, and Bezo (the new owner) and Donald Graham have been friends for a while. I also liked to hear that they are not currently/planning to downsides and lay people off.

Tuesday's article highlights a big story of the week: Terrorism alert highlights potent threat posed by al-Qaeda's Yemen affiliate The whole world learned the name Nasir al-Wuhayshi and started to think of him as the new Osama bin Laden. 

Wednesday's article: Israel says Iran is accelerating nuclear quest....this had quieted down for awhile--interesting to see it back in the news again.

Thursday's article highlights another big story of the week: Obama cancels meeting with Vladimir Putin No surprise there with the admittance of Edward Snowden last week

Friday's article caught my eye: Phillippines to open negotiations with U.S. on expanding military presence They want the U.S. help to keep China out of their waters.  This could complicate our relationship with China. It is interesting that the Phillippines wants our help considering they don't usually like us there, with the whole "We use to own you" mentality. 

That's the important articles from the my humble opinion :)

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