Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bout of Books Goals

Bout of BooksNext week is Bout of Books--where you try to read more than you usually would in a week.  Last time I participated, my goals struggled--I read but not as much as I had hoped.  My goal was to finish a book...and I still haven't finished the book that I started that week :(.  This time around I want to make it realistic, and that week is vacation.  So I would hope I can finish a book in a week when I am on vacation-especially when I am going to be on a plane for part of it.  I even hope to finish more than one--but that is setting my sights pretty high.  In terms of my book of choice, I would like to finish Mansfield Park that week as apart of Austen in August.  I am also hoping to start my new J.K. Rowling too...but I want to focus on finishing Mansfield Park.  But hey maybe I should finish DaVinci Code and Guernsey Literary and To Kill a Mockingbird too :)  I have a lot to accomplish and I am hoping that I can.  As I often do with my vacations I give myself way too much to do!


Christine Haggerty said...

At least you're reading. I am holding my breath until my kids start school next week to have time to start reading the books I've collected over the summer (Yay for library sales!)

Sweet list!

My anxious life said...

You have great books on your list... Mansfield Park, Davinci Code, The Kill a Mockingbird.. I love them all! Good luck on your goals!

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