Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 6 Bout of Books Update!

So today I Read, Ergo I Write is doing an acrostic poem challenge.  The challenge is to pick a book and write a poem based on what the book is about.  The trick is to figure out a book to use!  Do I do a short one or a long one? Well....I decided on my favorite book: The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery.
The early edition cover
courtesy of Wikipedia 

Time needs to stand still
Happy times
Eventually come to those who act

Behaving differently and
Loving your husband will make you seem
Unusual to

Cissy needs a friend, and her father
Abe does too, despite what the
Stirlings say
Then go
Live with Barney
Everything will work out for the best

Day 6 Reading Update: Read a bit when I got breaks during the day...but I was a bit ambitious to think that I would get even halfway.  But it has been great to visit :)


Katie Edwards said...

Oh yay, another L M Montgomery fan! The Blue Castle is a fantastic book, and I must get around to rereading it. Great acrostic; sums it up nicely.

New follower from the Bout of Books readathon. Hello!

Fahima M said...

You love Blue Castle?!! Yay! It's one of my favourites too! :D

Thanks for participating! :)