Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some Great Social Studies Resources

This week I have been gathering different resources to teach my lessons with.  I thought that today I would share some of my favorite websites this week.

Wednesday brought World History where we compared the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas.  I printed off a 3-Circle Venn Diagram and we discussed their government, location, social structures, and religions.  To continue our comparison we read the creation story of the Mayans and the Incas.  This website reads the stories to you and pairs them with animations too.  The students really seem to enjoy them...they do chuckle a little bit at the corniness though. Click here for the Mayan story and the Inca story.

Tomorrow I am covering the Election of 1960 and the Bay of Pigs invasion as we start learning about the Kennedy administration.  My favorite thing about doing the Bay of Pigs is that I have found a simulation that allows the students to assume roles of Kennedy's advisers to figure out what to do before they "know" the end of the story. It allows them to read primary sources it's a win-win.

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