Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Quotes About Adversity

Today I have been thinking a lot about adversity, patience, and faith--because in my mind they are going together today.  In Church today we talked about Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail while the Saints were be expelled from Missouri, which prompts the discussion of getting through adversities.  Tonight I have been watching lectures from a Coursera class about the Holocaust.  Today's lectures have been a bit of background on the Jewish culture and life prior to the Holocaust--these people had a lot of adversities in their lives too.  Adversities is a lot about life....whether we like it or not.

I have been struggling with my own adversities of health, disappointment, and sorrow.  And this weekend I have reflected a little bit on these past few months--adversity is necessary, patience is needed, and faith gets us through.  These quotes have helped a lot in my reflecting.

This quote from Neal A. Maxwell reminds us about the fact that we need to have faith in God through out our trials.  Everything happens for a reason, and they will work out in His time.  Trust in His timing. Picture Link

Attitude is everything. If I choose to mope around all day long, get angry, or bitter about what is happening in my life then I am directly affecting my life more.  And in my humble opinion, the adversity will probably last longer than it would have because you aren't learning what you need to from your trial--not a hard and fast rule but I am always of the opinion that you should try to learn from what is going on.  Picture Link

Finally, we should never give up on life.  We need to keep walking.  The last few months it has been waking up in the morning and putting one foot in front of the other.  If I can just get through today, maybe tomorrow will be better.  I sure hope so! Picture Link

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