Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top Posts of August

It is now September.  I was just realizing that the other day that there are four months left of the year.  How crazy is that?! Because it is a new month, we look back on the old and see how we did.

3. Top Ten Tuesday: Secondary Characters--This post was actually a lot of fun to do. I enjoy participating in Top Ten because I get to use my literary brain sometimes!

2. Bout of Books Goals--This kicked off my crazy idea that I might finish Mansfield Park that week. Ha! That book is a bit boring. I am still determined to finish, but wow that was an ambitious goal!

1. Top Ten Tuesday: Making Blog Life Easy--This was an easy post to write because I kind of do this for a living now.  I am all about trying to make our school blog easy to use!

It is no coincidence to me that by jumping on these events with other bloggers is what is on for this month top posts.  I did a lot of stuff with other groups this month and it has made coming up with what to write about easier but not feel so restrictive.  Thanks to my fellow bloggers who put in the effort to do something like that. Maybe some day I will too :)

Seemed appropriate...

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