Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today's prompt is:
Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made
This prompt actually started me thinking about perfection.  So many people try to obtain perfection throughout life--and they hate admitting their mistakes.  It is even worse when our mistakes become public knowledge.  There is a bit of the fact that we have this idea that we like to be right.  We also don't like admitting that we're wrong....but I read this article today and I thought it was amazing.

There is a BYU football player named Spencer Hadley that has been suspended for five games for drinking alcohol.  Now at other schools this is nothing, but at BYU that is breaking the honor code.  We commit to it and consequences happen for our actions.  The sad thing is that he has to deal with this mistake in front of the whole world.  It really is too bad that he has to deal with that along with his mistake. But his story is so powerful....go read the article.

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