Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top Ten Tuesdays: Classics Paired with Current

I am so excited about this Top Ten Tuesday in which we pair a required reading or books that should be required readings.  The English teacher in me is sooo thrilled.  So here we go :)

1. 1984 with The Giver--You have to do the utopian thing together
2. Romeo and Juliet with West Side Story--yes I know its not really a book but a musical...but Romeo and Juliet is a play so deal :)
3. Les Miserables and A Tale of Two Cities-- I did this in my class last year and LOVED IT!
4. The Diary of Anne Frank and Number the Stars--Holocaust from a female perspective plus the whole non-fiction and fiction
5. Mississippi Trial, 1955 and Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of Emmett Till--These were written to serve together as a companion and this should totally be required readings!

Should Be Required Reading
1. The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas--Great book that makes kids thing about the Holocaust
2. Rebecca--I absolutely love this book and it was required in my high school but I don't think many use it
3. Pride and Prejudice--A lot of people don't like to touch this because the boys won't like it...but seriously it is a good book!
4. Speak--This book is more relate-able than most books students read and it is written very well
5. Little Women--Because I simply love it!! :)

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Anna said...

I thought about adding Rebecca to my list as well. Such a well-written and truly creepy book! :) Great list.