Thursday, September 5, 2013

Movie Review: Date Night

Last movie that I have watched recently, so last review for at least a little while. Of all three movies this was my least favorite.

Summary: Date Night is about a married couple whose relationship has become very kid driven and they aren't really romantic anymore.  They do this weekly date night but it ends up being just this stale boring thing.  A couple friend of theirs suddenly decides to separate and get a divorce.  They decide that they need to spice up date night.  The rest of the night becomes the movie, in which a case of mistaken identify, almost execution, corrupt officials, and police involvement.

What Did I Love?
  • It was a decent plot line, and they kept us guessing well enough
  • Funny one-liners
  • Funny actors
What Did I Not Like?
  • A very awkward scene in a stripper bar.....I would not watch this with children because of this I really wanted to fast forward
Bottom line....the awkward scene really kind of ruined it for if you don't mind that then this movie would probably would be great for you

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