Saturday, September 14, 2013

Moments That Change You

Since I didn't get on the Blogtember bus ride on time, I thought that I would go back in time and pick a prompt to do.  This should have been on Tuesday:
Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.
The moment I thought of right away was moving to Roosevelt.  I was packing up our apartment in Provo--we needed to move so we were going to Brian's parents until we figured out what school I was going to teach at.  I remember when the school called--I was standing in the kitchen with a box in my hands.  I asked them if I could take the weekend to think about it---but I was glad to finally have a job offer. In a struggling economy, I had been really worried that I wouldn't get a job.  So I jumped at it as soon as I could.  We started make plans--but then the car broke down. Brian wanted/needed to give it a whole new engine, but we couldn't do that in Roosevelt.  We had made arrangements to live on-campus so we could find a permanent spot and I could start work. So he needed to stay in Provo, and I needed to be in Roosevelt. I remember being in my new "home" after Brian left.  I was so nervous--did I make the right call? Were we making the right decision? I wondered that for a long time.  But ever since then I have kept with it.  I still wonder sometimes when I come home from work after a hard day and a hard week (like last night)--did I do what I needed to do? So this is definitely a moment that changed my life.

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