Sunday, September 8, 2013

Haven't Done One Like This In Awhile...

I have zero idea what to write about....and I haven't had to say that in a while.  Today I am beginning to wonder if I am going to make it until the end of the year.  The original reason I thought of doing this is because I wanted to write everyday. I do much better with goals if I have visible accountability.  But I was reading this article about writing.  She was talking about how life can get so busy and you can get so un-centered that you can't find the emotion to write.  I get the whole un-centered thing today.  Life has been busy, chaotic, and painful. I told Brian that I didn't want to make this a whining post, but I am in a whining mood so it might be a bit unavoidable. And she was talking about how the writing can center us.  Now granted she was talking about writing stories, poetry, articles etc.--a variety of different things--and I don't know what exactly you would put my daily ramblings in.  But the thing that stuck out to me is that she didn't want us to make it a to-do list item.  Sadly, my blog is that for me--because that is the only way I will get it done. Is that really horrible that it is more of a chore?

It is the same thing at work--if I don't put it on a to-do list--I won't get it done.  But the to-do list gets too long there....and it feels like it has gotten really long at home too. So do I take this off my to-do list so that I have one less thing to worry about? Or is this the one thing that I can always manage to accomplish each day?

Once again...just rambling don't mind me :)

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