Friday, September 20, 2013

The Meaning of Comfort

Today's Blogtember prompt asks for my definition of comfort.  Comfort I think is what I always seem to be searching for.  This week has been pretty bad with my pain, so I always am trying to find comfort somewhere.  Comfort sometimes is food.....

❥ Chocolate Comfort in a mug! Anything hot in a mug tastes good.
Sometimes it clothes....
to curl up and read in
From Pinterest:
Sometimes comfort comes in a a something someone says...a blanket...  I think that everyone needs to find comfort in something.  I talk a lot with my students about stepping out of their comfort zone...and this is something that is important--doing things that are hard and that aren't comfortable. But I think it is equally important to know where you can go when you need that recharge...and to be able to face the world again.

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