Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful Week Day 2: My House

So to continue with this week, I thought that I would talk about how I am glad that we have a house all to our own.  I have been renting for the past eight years, and it is nice to know that this is all ours.  We can fix it up the way we want, I can change the carpet if I want to, etc.

I am still trying to organize our house so that it feels the way I want it to---it is a super work in progress--but it is also super nice to know that as I unpack boxes, I am unpacking them for a while instead of worrying that we will have to move soon or something. I am also liking that I can buy things to decorate or make things easier and not wonder how I will use it in the next apartment.

So I am grateful for a house I can call my own.

Nice pretty spring time shot...its too dark outside
or I would show you how it looks in the winter

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Jessie said...

So happy for you! Playing house is the best!