Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Longest Break from Blogging EVER!

So....I have kind of fallen off the wagon. It is kind of sad that in November is when I miss four days in a row for blogging--when I set out in January to blog everyday.  Those of you that have been reading for a little while know, that there have been a couple of days where I have missed that day and I have now been okay with 365 blog posts in 2013....but these four days have been crazy!!

So, lets catch you up with what has been going on and why I missed....and then we will get to the catching up!

So the first day I fell of the wagon was Wednesday---and this was a seriously long day....and I didn't realize until the next day that I hadn't blogged....and that I hadn't even opened my computer all day long.  Those of you that know me well know that this is ODD...we are attached at the hip (well I suppose you should say lap).  Wednesday was a work day that did not end until which I hopped in the car and drove straight to Vernal for a 6:00 choir rehearsal (more on that later) and a five minute dinner.  The rehearsal ended at 9:00. Brian hadn't eaten so we stopped to get him food, and then drove home to arrive around 10:00.  Being in large amounts of pain, I pretty much got ready for bed the minute we got home and was asleep right away.

Thursday I had the great opportunity to go to the temple with the youth (my third trip in a row to Vernal this week alone). But once again this was a work to Vernal kind of deal--at least dinner was included :).  However, before I could go to bed I had to write progress reports to the parents of all of my students.  We currently have 40 students, and I have almost all of them and in multiple classes.  So I ended up writing about 8 pages of reports.  Except I couldn't get started until 9:00 that night! So...needless to say I was up until 12:30ish--blogging already had been missed for Thursday by then and it was easy to say I will catch up--since I skipped Wednesday. (Honestly though I didn't even have that though process until I woke up Friday)

Friday I came home all excited to work on blog posts for the missed days...but I took one look at my bed after four hours of sleep and pretty much went to bed.  Saturday involved driving out to Provo in the snow to get Brian's car and then driving back....again in the snow through some scary road patches.  So when I got home my brain was too fried to think about writing....and the amount I was behind on was a little bit overwhelming.

SO now we get to today....this I have been actually procrastinating most of the day--finding other things to do.  But yay! I am back on the wagon. So--what is on tap as I catch up all of my blog posts?

  1. Three book reviews!! (Between all the driving Saturday I finished two books! And we finished 1984 as a class)
  2. Exciting family history stuff (I have been reignited into indexing and researching family history)
  3. Launching my account (hopefully)
  4. Interesting blogs I have read recently
  5. 2 history anniversaries this week--JFK assassination 50th anniversary Friday and Gettysburg Address anniversary Tuesday
  6. And hopefully an update on my knit-a-long scarf...that sadly I have not started...this week might be a bit smoother so we shall see :)
Yep this will be me this week.....though I hope my hair doesn't fly out like that :P

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