Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful Week Day 6: Music

Music holds the glue of life together.  Without music, I would be a completely different person.  I have had the benefit of being able to sing in addition with playing the piano and the violin.  I went through elementary, middle, and high school participating in a lot of different musical adventures.  I sang in a choir all four years of high school....we sang everything from Silent Night to America the Beautiful. And then I played violin all four years--everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to West Side Story to New World Symphony.

As I went through high school--music on the radio was a central part of my life.  As social network became a bigger deal--Pandora became an essential part of all college studying days.  It has also become a central part of my grading routine now.

I am excited to now spend the next week singing my heart out as I prepare to participation in the Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus concert.  If you live in the Basin--please come see us and support us!!! This is our inaugural concert and I hope that you will be as blown away as I am!!

Buy tickets here!

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